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PROTEQ (Northern) LIMITED offers industry leading guy rope services.

Periodic re-tensioning of guy ropes is necessary because of the permanent constructional extension, which occurs to ropes in service (typically around 1.5% of the original length) reducing the induced rope tension.

Wire Rope Services

Proteq offer a guy rope tensioning service using calibrated clip on tension meters. Calibrations are undertaken on test beds and are traceable to National Standards.  The maintenance of the correct design pretension loads is essential if structures are to remain adequately supported during severe wind loading and stack shell stresses are to be maintained within acceptable parameters. During re-tensioning operations, the structure verticality is adjusted to within the requirements of BS 4076:1989, thus ensuring that eccentric oscillating loads are not allowed to develop. Structure verticality’s are constantly monitored during the re-tensioning process by optical theodolites from two perpendicular survey stations.


Inspection of wire ropes and terminations


Lubrication of guy ropes


Re-tensioning of guy wires


Replacement of guy wires


Verticality of Guyed structures


Rigging and Splicing

This list is not exhaustive, please contact us to discuss your needs.