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Accidents from falls are the number one cause of injury in the workplace. In industries that require work at height, the safety of employees is of paramount concern but safety systems can be expensive to install and maintain. Proline developed by Industrial Abseiling Specialists [Proteq] is a cost efficient, low maintenance and highly effective means of keeping workers safe whilst at height.

Proline is tested to BS EN 795 Class “C”. The system consists of two safety lines running parallel beneath the roof of a building, allowing two people to work at one time and ensuring that there will always be a second line available in the event of an incident.

The lines are installed either by fixing a proof load tested anchorage to the centre line of the beam or by clamping a purpose designed fixing bracket onto the flange of the beam. The specially designed plastic coated blondin line provides the smooth running of the fall arrest attachment, which can be used with conventional safety harnesses.

Initially designed for use in road tanker loading bays, Proline also has applications in factories and warehouses where the length required does not exceed 25 metres.

Proline is installed by experienced roped access operatives from Proteq, a member of IRATA and the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

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