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Promesh is a structural mesh, and a revolutionary alternative to the installation of costly and inconvenient scaffolding.

When buildings start to succumb to decay, protecting the public and property from falling masonry can be costly and inconvenient. What’s more the installation of scaffolding does little to protect the masonry itself, which increases cost further, especially in the case of intricate stonework found on heritage buildings.

The revolutionary Promesh structural mesh provides both protection for the general public and the building itself. Its strong and durable design coupled with easy installation make it a convenient and cost effective alternative to more traditional approaches.

Once the Promesh is in place, it can remain for a minimum of five years, subject to annual inspection. Maintenance work can then be easily carried out through the panels, which can be designed to allow access to damaged areas whilst ensuring that other areas of the structure are well protected. Promesh is distributed and fitted exclusively by Proteq (Northern) Ltd, specialists in all areas of rope access installation. Proteq is a full member of the Industrial Roped Access Trade Association (IRATA) and The Guild of Master Craftsmen.

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